Adhesive Bonding can bring your products numerous benefits, such as:
  • Choice in material combinations
  • Weight savings
  • Aesthetic added values by an invisible connection
  • Preventing galvanic corrosion
  • Isolating or conductive possibilities
  • and many more..
It is essential in the design of the adhesive joint to define the critical parameters.
  • Define the best force distribution in the joint
  • Minimise the external vulnerable factors
  • Create the best possible bonding area.
Orange to Green can support you in any stage of your design
  • Support on selecting the bonding substrates
  • Defining the critical parameters for the adhesive
  • Support with FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Selecting and testing adhesives
  • Review your design on improvements by implementing adhesive bonding
  • Proof your design by carrying out (simplified) tests
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